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Prefabworld Bali International operates since the year 1998 and has so far successfully completed projects in the USA, Caribbean, Pacific, South Africa and Indonesia to the full satisfaction of the customer and we are proud to be copied by others...!!!!

Below we show a number of testimonies that we received for our clients.  
(the  Info  denotes that the person who submitted the credential allows our web site visitor to request for more information. Click on the icon to submit your request and state your intention to contact the person who submitted the attestation. We will forthwith bring you in contact with this person).      

"Prefabworld Bali International is doing an excellent job of modeling the 3-D frame structure in STAAD and now analyzing the individual members to ensure that they are not overstressed.  I have just completed a review of the column analysis for the primary columns supporting the roof, and it is well presented and clearly shows the members are adequate size.  This type of analysis would not have been possible by hand calculation because of the complexity of the roof structure. Job well done Prefabworld Bali International".
Professor Ian Robertson, University of Hawaii

I just wanted to let you know that I have completed my review of Bali Woodworld's analysis and design of the roof structure for a 3,000 sqft residence on Maui.  Prefabworld Bali International did an excellent job of the design.  The resulting calculations should easily satisfy the Maui Building Dept. review.
Professor Ian Robertson, University of Hawaii

I would like to thank Prefabworld Bali International for the planning and completion of our Yoga Shala. They were very helpful in the preliminary stages, full of knowledge and expertise that we were comfortable in taking on their services.  
Our Spa resort is small, we were a little worried about noise which may of been caused from the building work.  However,  I would particularly like to point out how quiet,  professional and timely Prefabworld Bali International's's team were during the whole process of the project.  The workers were always smiling and polite in every way.  Our building was completed on time to our satisfaction.
It was a pleasure to work with Prefabworld Bali International and I wish them continued success.
Sharron Hopley, Reident manager YTL hotels, Singaraja, Bali
I have researched many alternative construction methodologies and I'm very interested in BALI... and to be honest, Prefabworld Bali International has one of, if not the, most impressive web site of all the "Prefab Wooden Indonesian House" web sites in Indonesia. This shows professionalism"
Kenneth Plumb, USA
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Bali Woodworld for its professionalism. Working with them on my San Andres project made it a breeze.  They provided me with a design that was exactly what I had envisioned.  Not only were the drawings perfect, they also produced them in a timely manner which is imperative when working on projects overseas. I highly recommend Bali Woodworld to colleagues always. I look forward to working with them on future projects.
Ms. Ghada Dergham, Florida, USA
"Your interactive price list is awesome. I have never seen this before. What a beautiful tool this is. Congratulations Prefabworld Bali International".
Peter Mc. Laren, USA
"Hi, I surfed many timber prefab web sites and could not find what I was looking for until I came across Prefabworld Bali International's web site. Awesome. So many models and all so beautiful. I also liked the specifications page. I learned a lot from this. Well done Prefabworld Bali International".
Christine Richards-Wills, Caribbean
"Prefabworld Bali International is currently working on a project that I am developing on the Big Island, here in Hawaii. I met the owners last year in Bali because I believe in personally checking out any company I am considering working with. I have to say that I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of his buildings and the engineering that they had put into their designs. They have a beautiful company and produces the highest quality prefab house kits". I would highly recommend this company. 
Alan Rudo, Big Island, Hawaii  
"Your web site is vey impressive..............."

Scott Balogh, Panama

"I did not realize that there is much more to be considered before ordering a wooden house. Prefabworld Bali International's web site provided me a full and detailed insight in the wood species and its characteristics and the way a prefab house shall be constructed. I now understand that one should not be penny wise and pound foolish when buying a prefab timber house. Thank you for helping me out".
Capt. Garreth Davids (ret.)
"Hello guys,
It took me some time to go thru your stunning web site, however, the amount of information it provides and the number of alerts and cautions given was marvelous. Without reading this it would certainly have put me on the wrong foot. Thank you Prefabworld Bali International for sharing your vast experience with the customers. I know with which company I will order my wooden prefab house".  For me your are the no. 1.
Donna Masters, South Africa
Thank you very much for such an amazing website ;-)
Mr. Theo Granet, France
"We purchased two pre-fab gazebos each 10'x10 and a flat deck 10'x10 and a 10'x10 deck with cutout for around our hot tub and pool. We live in Grand Cayman. My parents and brother each bought a slightly larger gazebo.  They both live in Barbados.  All our gazebos have alang alang roofs. We are all very happy with the product and in each case Prefabworld Bali International delivered what they said they would.  We all used our own labour to put together the kits.
Mr. Desmond Kinch, Grand Cayman, Caribbean 
"Dear Prefabworld Bali International. As you correctly say: "One cannot buy a Mercedes for the price of a Volkswagen"' I love this quote. You made our dreams come true with the beautiful timber house that we now own. The higher price compared to others was 100% worth it". No need to disclose our names if you wish to add our statement to your credential page. We just wanted to congratulate Prefabworld Bali International".
Mr. and Mrs. X., Fiji
"It is such a stereotype using wordings as "we are the best", "we will fulfill your dreams", "we are first class" and all other hollow commercial phrases. I have not noticed any of such wording on Prefabworld Bali International's web site (except that they claim to be the highest rated in the search engines, which apparently is true). They have their feet on the ground and just tell how it is and how it works (both negative and positive) without being conceited on how good they really are (and I believe they are indeed). This is the way how you inform your customers; open and fair. I love your style and your web site.
Frank, Solomon islands   
On November 7, 2013 typhoon Haiyan, known as typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, was the second deadliest on record that hit  the archipelago killing over 4,000 peoiple which we deeply regret. The system's one-minute sustained winds reached to 315 km/h (196 mph), unofficially making Haiyan the 4th most intense tropical cyclone ever observed and made it the strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall on record. Our engineering department designs our units in cyclone areas to cyclone rating and have added a 10% additional wind force to the general cyclone design codes to cope with global warming, introducing stronger cyclones in the future. Our unit A-2 sustained typhoon Haiyan and survived. This is what the owner wrote us:
"There were minor damages and the roof remained fully in tact. Your clients should know though that this house was properly designed and built with typhoons in mind"> Good job Prefabworld Bali International.
Ron Catto

I am the project leader for the development of a large house to be constructed on the island of Kauai. I have thoroughly investigated the option of builing on site versus purhasing the pre-fab home from Baliprefabworld. I am convinced that working with Baliprefabworld is the most economical, efficient and effective way to go. The beauty and aesthetics of these homes are truly wonderful. We are planning to work with Baliprefabworld to use a variety of their standard models to design the home we want.  The professionalism, quality of materials, and design capacity of Baliprefabworld is exemplary
Steven Ott, Berkeley, USA

Unlike all other wooden prefab house web sites in Indonesia that I have visited which in my opinion are far too commercial, concentrating on selling only, your web site is from another planet.  Of course your main aim is to sell, but the vast amount of detailed information that you disclose is striking, showing that selling is only a part of the story. This is what serious potential buyers want to do prior to a purchase: Colleting as much as possible Information and that’s exactly what you offer. Being an engineer myself, your web site breaths high professionalism since you know exactly what you are talking about. Hats off. I will certainly consider engaging your company in prefabricating my wooden house.
Nigel Cosans, Philippines
"Stunning web site................. In my opinion the best in Indonesia for wooden prefab houses. I haven't seen anything  like it before.............."
Hans Schroeder, S-Africa  
"Many thanks. What a wonderful company you are.! Can't wait to live in one of your houses.
Daniela Ottman, Australia  
"....we are now convinced we would like to work with your company. Despite the fact that your internet site does answer most of our questions (if not all) we believe it was important to meet face to face. Many thanks for the contructive exchange we had and looking forward to our great collaboration for our project in Guadeloupe.   
Sandrine Cambron, Guadeloupe   
I contacted Prefabworld Bali International while looking for a suitable contractor to design and build a Joglo style structure above the existing flat roof of our house in Canggu, Bali. The builder we had used for the house had not installed the sealing membrane properly and we were plagued by leaks and had decided to build the additional structure to help keep the water out and give us some really nice additional space on top of the house looking at over the rice fields.

I was very concerned about getting a proper design that was both strong enough to withstand the occasional high winds and not degrade the integrity our house – basically we did not want the Joglo to end up in the rice field and leave a big hole in the roof where it had been attached!

Prefabworld Bali International was extremely professional in every aspect – They managed to design a structure that was strong, did what we wanted and looked good.

The installation went as planned and we are completely satisfied with the end result.

I would definitely use Prefabworld Bali International again!

Don Silcock, Canggu, Bali
Of so many websites I have visited your is one of the best designed and focused. I am truly suprised at the anount of information regarding your company's expertise and experience that you published on-line.
It's little wonder that copy cats are lining up, salivating to emulate your achievements. However they will never be able to muster the expertise in both structural and architecture knowledge that is endowed in the educational background. Few also will be able to emulate your:

- business integrity (which is extremely rare nowadays)
- passion to experiment on what works best and continually incorporating them into your design  and end products and
- using the highest quality raw materials and their treatments thereof to ensure a defect free  building that will withstand the test of time.

Little wonder that your company is the foremost prefabricated wooden house company in Indonesia. Keep up the great work and may I wish you the very best for years to come.
Leon Yue Peng, Malaysia 
We ordered a 180 m2 unit from Prefabworld Bali International to serve as a mock-up model for New Caledonia. We unexpectedly visited the yard of Prefabworld Bali International 2 times as to check the progress and verify the quality. We were stunned.......... This was exactly what they promised us to build. Top, top, top quality. This undoubtedly showed their high professionalism. Before we ordered the unit with Prefabworld Bali International we had visited a number of other prefab wooden house companies, but those were either non-responsive or were builidng something we did not like at all; cheap materials and not according to proper workmanship. We have meanwhile ordered 2 more large units from P.T. Baliprefabworld and will order more in the future. We strongly recommend this company to anybody intending to buy a wooden prefab house. We would be happy to answer all of your questions and share with you our experience. Mr. Olivier Pham, Noumea, New Caledonia 
I have browsed thru many Indonesian wooden prefab house web sites as to collect as much as possible information about the product and the prefab house company itself. After having visited about 20 sites only one stood out in providing reliable and detailed information which decided me to place my order with Prefabworld Bali International. I look forward to working with them. These are the real professionals.
G.A.J. Mampaey,  the Netherlands
Hello, I would like to build a small resort in the South of Thailand and came across your beautiful and informative web site in my search for models. I was very surprised of what I saw. Many models and very detailed and sound technical information, something I could not find on other web sites. Based on the vast amount of information that you provide and your apparent professionalism I will take it to the next level and work with your company. You may well have developed the best prefab wooden house web site in Indonesia. A tribute to your webmaster.
Jean le Grand,  Thailand










Prefab World Bali

Reviews from Prefab World Bali

"I am the project leader for the development of some large houses to be constructed on the island of Kauai. I have thoroughly investigated the option of built on site versus purhasing the pre-fab home from Baliprefabworld. I am convinced that working with Baliprefabworld is the most economical, efficient and effective way to go. The beauty and aesthetics of these homes are truly wonderful. We are planning to work with Baliprefabworld to use a variety of their standard models to design the homes we want.  The professionalism, quality of materials, and design capacity of Baliprefabworld is exemplary. Steven Ott, Berkeley, USA."
Review from: Steven Ott, Berkeley, USA
Project: Resort in Kauai, Hawaii
Date: 10-06-2017
Rating: 5 out of 5.

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