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Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year in the world. They primarily feed on wood, but also damage paper, books, insulation, and even swimming pool liners and filtration systems.
There are only a few wood species available in the world which are 100% guaranteed termite resistant. These wood species can only be found in Africa and South America, but definitely NOT in Indonesia, however, there are a few Indonesian hardwood wood species which will give some protection when the proper part of the tree is used (the core or "heart"). There is only one wood species in Indonesia which have a core so dense and hard that termites can't eat it. This species is Bangkirai. Close followers are Bojonegoro Teak, Merbau and Iron wood. However, as is the case with all trees the outer rings (called sap wood) are soft or softer than the core (heartwood). As a result termites attack this juicier and softer sapwood. A mix of heartwood and sap wood shall therefore NEVER be considered "termite resistant". Not one supplier in Indonesia is able to only supply heartwood only, it wil therefore always be a mix of heartwood and sap wood. Many suppliers in Indonesia claim that their homes are guaranteed 100% termite resistant until the client discovers otherwise after a few years. There need to be some extra measures to be taken to fully protect the wood. The client may decide whether or not to use a combination with a termi mesh, and/or a wood treatment for the mix of sap wood and heartwood. You may read below in more detail about how we protect the wood with our in-house developed treatment system. 100% termite resistant. As to support our claim that only heartwood is termite resistant and not the sap wood, browse down to the end of this page and click on the link. Once you are linked to that page browse down to "'FACT"  and click on the yellow links in that article. Along with our in-house (secret) developed environmental friendly anti termite treatment we are able to guarantee 100% termite resistance. Browse down to the bottom of the page marked in orange.   


DID YOU KNOW............

There is a huge misunderstanding about the termite resistance of Indonesian tropical hardwood. Among the tens of hardwood species available in Indonesia used for wooden house building there are only 4 hardwood species available which can be considered partly termite resistant, viz; Bojonegoro Teak (Djati teak), Iron wood, Merbau and Bangkirai, of which only Merbau and Bangkirai are commonly used for wooden prefab house building when termite resistance is a prerequisite (*). However, the misconception is that only the core part (called heartwood) of the Merbau and Baagkirai tree is termite resistant, the outer part of the tree, called sap wood, is NOT termite resistant.  In conclusion: Your wooden house will NOT be 100% termite resistant when building with a mix of sap wood and heartwood. Prefabworld Bali International carefully selects the heartwood from its supplier to fabricate its wooden homes which need to be absolutely termite resistant. Yet, it could happen - and is unavoidable - that some sap wood may be part of what looks like heart wood. Such is impossible to be identified. Therefore, in order to make sure that your house is fully protected we apply our in-house developed method which you can read below ("in-house developed protection method"). Since drywood termites are considered far less dangerous than subterranean termites and very easy to detect and destroy we will concentrate on the subterranean termites.  
(*) Bojonegoro Teak is far too expensive and Iron wood is prohibited from being exported. Wooden houses built from Bojonegroro Teak are exremely rare.

This unit was prefabricated by us for the Red frog bungalow resort in Panama in 2007, The requirement was "absolutely termite resistant". As of today not one termite has attacked the wood, proving that our anti-termite system works and is reliable. We would be happy to provide you a reference and that's why we are not afraid being the only wooden prefab house company in Indonesia to issue a warranty on our product.  

Panama-P 1



An anti-termite protection as has been developed by our company over the years

All of premium and superior build houses will be protected against termite attacks based on a secretly developed method applied by our company, known by our company only. This application will be used for all wood parts in contact with or close contact to natural grade (the termite's attacking habitat). This is our standard method whether or not in combination with termite resistant wood and/or the use of termite barriers. The treatment is also extremely efficient on the drywood termite, Formosa termite, powder post beetle, woodworm and parasites. Though the system will only be appplied to our Premium and Superior build options, we can also apply the same method to our upgraded standard build units against a variation order. To support our termite warranty claim we will provide the reference of our project built in Panama in 2007 in a termite infested area, whereas until date not one termite has attacked our Bangkirai wood. Contact us for the reference. 

We have a proper and effective solution for our clients in the Northern territory of Australia where the dangerous Mastotermes flourishes. 


(*) Under the condition that the owner shall maintain the wood of his unit in accordance with the maintenance specifications issued by our company, which mainly comprise the preparation of regular inspection reports in accordance with our format along with pictures.  

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"Of so many websites I had visited, yours is one of the best designed and focused. I am truly surprised at the amount of information regarding your company's expertise and experience that you willingly publicized online.

It's little wonder that copy cats are lining up, salivating to emulate your achievements. However they will never be able to muster the expertise in both structural and architecture knowledge that is endowed in the educational background.
Few also will be able to emulate your:
o  business integrity (which is extremely rare nowadays)
o  passion to experiment on what works best and continually incorporating them into your design and end products and
o  using the highest quality raw materials and their treatments thereof to ensure a defect free building that will withstand the     test of time.
Little wonder that your company is the foremost prefabricated wooden house company in Indonesia.
Keep up the great work and may I wish you the very best for years to come
Leong Yue Peng, Malaysia."

Review from: Mr. Leong Yue Peng, Malaysia
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Date: 16-07-2016
Rating: 5 out of 5.

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