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Prefabworld Bali International operates since the year 1998 and has so far successfully completed projects in the USA, Caribbean, Pacific, South Africa and Indonesia to the full satisfaction of the customer and we are proud to be copied by others...!!!!

Below we show a number of testimonies about our web site that we received from our clients.  
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"Hi, I surfed many timber prefab web sites and could not find what I was looking for until I came across Prefabworld Bali International's web site. Awesome. So many models and all so beautiful. I also liked the specifications page. I learned a lot from this. Well done Prefabworld Bali International".
Christine Richards-Wills, Caribbean

"Your web site is vey impressive..............."

Scott Balogh, Panama

"I did not realize that there is much more to be considered before ordering a wooden house. Prefabworld Bali International's web site provided me a full and detailed insight in the wood species and its characteristics and the way a prefab house shall be constructed. I now understand that one should not be penny wise and pound foolish when buying a prefab timber house. Thank you for helping me out".
Capt. Garreth Davids (ret.)

"Hello guys,
It took me some time to go thru your stunning web site, however, the amount of information it provides and the number of alerts and cautions given was marvelous. Without reading this it would certainly have put me on the wrong foot. Thank you Prefabworld Bali International for sharing your vast experience with the customers. I know with which company I will order my wooden prefab house".  For me your are the no. 1.
Donna Masters, South Africa

Thank you very much for such an amazing website ;-)
Mr. Theo Granet, France
Of so many websites I have visited your is one of the best designed and focused. I am truly suprised at the anount of information regarding your company's expertise and experience that you published on-line.
It's little wonder that copy cats are lining up, salivating to emulate your achievements. However they will never be able to muster the expertise in both structural and architecture knowledge that is endowed in the educational background.
Leon Yue Peng, Malaysia   
""Stunning web site................. In my opinion the best in Indonesia for wooden prefab houses. I haven't seen anything  like it before.............."
Hans Schroeder, S-Africa  
Unlike all other wooden prefab house web sites in Indonesia that I have visited which in my opinion are far too commercial, concentrating on selling only, your web site is from another planet.  Of course your main aim is to sell, but the vast amount of detailed information that you disclose is striking, showing that selling is only a part of the story. This is what serious potential buyers want to do prior to a purchase: Colleting as much as possible Information and that’s exactly what you offer. Being an engineer myself, your web site breaths high professionalism since you know exactly what you are talking about. Hats off. I will certainly consider engaging your company in prefabricating my wooden house.
Nigel Cosans, Philippines
I have browsed thru many Indonesian wooden prefab house web sites as to collect as much as possible information about the product and the prefab house company itself. After having visited about 20 sites only one stood out in providing reliable and detailed information which decided me to place my order with Prefabworld Bali International. I look forward to working with them. These are the real professionals.
G.A.J. Mampaey,  the Netherlands 
Hello, I would like to build a small resort in the South of Thailand and came across your beautiful and informative web site in my search for models. I was very surprised of what I saw. Many models and very detailed and sound technical information, something I could not find on other web sites. Based on the vast amount of information that you provide and your apparent professionalism I will take it to the next level and work with your company. You may well have developed the best prefab wooden house web site in Indonesia. A tribute to your webmaster.
Jean le Grand,  Thailand
Hello, I have reviewed your web site and received your pricing. After many attempts with other companies this is refreshing. 
Brian Kennedy,  Perth, Australia
Thanks for the superior information contained in your web site.  I learned a lot.
Jose Luiz Jimenez Beloqui, Sumbawa, Indonesia
I should be working, but like me everyone loves your site and I keep looking at all the products you make. My home her in the states will look as close to an Indonesian home as I can get it. My goal is to buy a home there and retire there. Mind you I have never been to Indonesia, but so in love with everything the country represents...   :)

Robin Dahlstrom, El Secundo, CA

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Prefab World Bali

Reviews from Prefab World Bali

"I would like to thank Prefabworld Bali International for the planning and completion of our Yoga Shala. They were very helpful in the preliminary stages, full of knowledge and expertise that we were comfortable in taking on their services. Our Spa resort is small, we were a little worried about noise which may of been caused from the building work. However, I would particularly like to point out how quiet, professional and timely Prefabworld Bali International's's team were during the whole process of the project. The workers were always smiling and polite in every way. Our building was completed on time to our satisfaction. It was a pleasure to work with Prefabworld Bali International and I wish them continued success".
Review from: Sharron Hopley, Reident manager YTL hotels, Singaraja, Bali
Project: 120 m2 Yoga building for the YTL hotel in Singaraja, Bali
Date: 02-03-2013
Rating: 4,5 out of 5.

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