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Bali is famous for its gazebos, which are available along many roads, primarily produced by small family businesses. For ages they use coconut wood which is abundantly available on the island. The Coconut wood, however, is not a tropical hardwood but a sofwood and is loved by termites (*)    

(*) Coconut wood is one of the most preferable sources of food for termites due to the wood's softness and taste of the cellulose. However, you need to implement an almost constant maintenance as to avoid that the termites attack and leave you with a pile of wood dust. Tropical termite resistant hardwood is not the source of food these creepy crawlers are looking for.  

We mainly produce gazebos of the highest quality from tropical hardwood. The materials used are 100% termite resistant Bangkirai hardwood, stainless steel grade 316 fixtures, Bali style terracotta roof tiles, or 5 mm thick Iron wood shingles, or natural or synthetic thatch with an inside roof cladding from class "A" bamboo matting. All wood to be coated with a 3-layer Acrylic coating. We issue a conditional warranty on our gazebos. Use our contact form for a price inquiry. 

Standard dimensions of the gazebos range from 2 x 2 meter (6.5 x 6.5 ft) up to 5 x 5 meter (16.4 x 16.4 ft). Larger sizes can be custom made.
Standard size of the teahouse gazebo (model p6): 3 x 3 meter (9.8 x 9,8 ft) and 4 x 4 meter (13.1 x 13.1 ft). 

There is no price list available for the gazebos, the reason being that there are too many different build options. You may chose one of the standard types shown below and let us know what the size will  be and what needs to be addesd, such as elevated deck + steps, railing, and which build option is required for the type of roof decking, (terracotta roof tiles, wooden shingles, thatch), including the choice of the interior roof cladding (bamboo matting, rattan, wooden slats).         


 Gazebo p1 Gazebo p2 Gazebo p3 Gazebo p4
 Gazebo p1 Gazebo p2 Gazebo p3 Gazebo p4


 Gazebo p5  Gazebo p6 Gazebo p7  Gazebo p8 
Gazebo p5  Gazebo p6 Gazebo p7 Gazebo p8


 Gazebo p9 Gazebo p10 Gazebo p11 Gazebo p12
Gazebo p9  Gazebo p10 Gazebo p11 Gazebo p12


Gazebo p13 Gazebo p14 Gazebo p15 Gazebo p16
Gazebo p13  Gazebo p14 Gazebo p15 Gazebo p16


 Gazebo p17 Gazebo p18
Gazebo p19
Gazebo p20 
Gazebo p17  Gazebo p18 Gazebo p19 Gazebo p20


 Gazebo p21 Gazebo p22  Gazebo p25 Gazebo p26 
 Gazebo p21 Gazebo p22 Gazebo p25 Gazebo p26



Detail 01 Detail 02
Detail 03 
Detail 04
Detail 1
Carved corner detail
Detail 2
Corner with interior Bamboo matting decking
Detail 3
Carved corner 
Detail 4
Thatched roof


Detail 05
Detail 06

Detail 07

Detail 08
Detail 5
Interior bamboo matting decking 
Detail 6
Carved railing 
Detail 7
Thatched roof corner detail

Detail 8



 Wooden shingle roof Shingles p1

 Gazebo p3

Detail 9
Hardwood shingles

Detail 10
Shingle roof corner detail

Detail 11
Bali style terracotta roof tiles

Detail 12


 < Contact us > for the price of on of the gazebos shown above. Please mention the code number 

Click <here> for the detailed material specifications of our gazebos.


Prefab World Bali

Reviews from Prefab World Bali

"Prefabworld Bali International is doing an excellent job of modeling the 3-D finite element frame structure in STAAD and now analyzing the individual members to ensure that they are not overstressed. I have just completed a review of the column analysis for the primary columns supporting the roof, and it is well presented and clearly shows the members are adequate size. I have not seen anything like this before the way this report was presented and prepared with the vast knowledge behind. This type of analysis would not have been possible by hand calculation because of the complexity of the structure. Job well done Prefabworld Bali International".
Review from: Professor Ian Robertson, University of Hawaii
Project: 400 m2 dwelling for Maui
Date: 12-06-2012.
Rating: 5 out of 5.

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