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Bali prefab wooden houses from 60 m2 to 100 m2 units (646 sqft to 1,076 sqft)

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Below you will find a collage of all of our 2-bedroom units (1-storey and 2-storeys) in series of 3. If you find a model of your choice you may click on the download icon, whereupon you will be navigated to the page comprising your choice. The model pages will show the side elevations of the unit, floor plans which can be enlarged on-line and a general description regarding bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens, total sided areas, deck areas and building spaces required. The following codes are used:

S = sided area,

D= deck area,

[K] refers to the possibility that a kitchen or kitchenette can be included,

 magnifying-glassA render or picture of the model can be viewed if you notice a magnifying glass in the model box. Click on the yellow highlighted model name to view.


Dot-1  A picture of the model is available if you notice a blue spot. Cliick on it to view the picture.


1-bedroom 60-100 m2 021

ACASIA PLUS (duplex & twin)
(Code B-2A, B-2B)
S = 71.3 m2 (767 sqft)
D = 31.5 m2 (3397 sqft)
This unit can be split in 2

ACASIA (duplex & twin)
(Code B-1A, B-1B)
S = 71.3 m2 (767 sqft)
No deck included
This unit can be split in 2

SANDAT-2 (Code B-5A, B-5B)
S = 65.3 m2 (703 sqft)
D = 15.1 m2 (163 sqft)

download-iconLink me to the map with the 3 models shown above.


1-bedroom 20-50 m2 021

SOLANUM (Code B-14)
S = 94.8 m2 (1,020 sqft)
D = 21.4 m2 (230 sqft)


download-iconLink me to the map with the 3 models shown above.



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