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  Tree-house-T-2 Tree-house-T-3  Tree-house-T-4 
Tree house T-1 (7 x 4 meter)
Deck 7 x 2 meter

Tree house T-2 (4 x 4 meter)
Deck 4 x 2.5 meter
Tree house T-3 (3 x 2.5 meter)
Deck 5 x 1.5 meter)
  Tree-house-T-5   Tree-house-T-6   Tree-house-T-7
Tree house T-4 (Dia. 4.5 meter) Tree house T-5 (3 x 3 meter)  Tree house T-6 (6 x 4.5 meter)

NOTE: Measurements given are approximate and depend on the local space conditions. Play components and suspended rope bridges not included.  

If you are interested in the pricing of one of the tree houses shown above you may contact us via our < contact us > form. 

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Reviews from Prefab World Bali

""....we are now convinced we would like to work with your company. Despite the fact that your internet site does answer most of our questions (if not all) we believe it was important to meet face to face. Many thanks for the contructive exchange we had and looking forward to our great collaboration for our project in Guadeloupe."
Review from: Sandrine Chambron, Guadeloupe
Project: Resort in Guadeloupee 
Date: 19-05-2016
Rating: 5 out of 5.

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