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The Joglo is a traditional vernacular house of the Javanese. It consist of two parts; the pendopo and dalem. The pendopo is the outer section of the Joglo that have large roofed space with columns and without wall or partition. The dalem (kerangka) is traditionally the inner section with walled enclosure and rooms such as bedroom and kitchen. Pendopo is used to receive guests, reception hall and living room, while the inner dalem are more private sections of the house. The term "Joglo" is often used to refer the distinctive type of Javanese roof with rising central part of roof supported by four or more main wooden columns (saka guru). The outer row of columns with rectangular plan created expansion spaces. The roof formed a pyramid-like structure with central part are taller and steeper. It is said that the roof of Joglo is constructed to mimic a mountain. The Joglos that we offer for sale (type A thru I at the end of this page) are in average 100 years old.

Due to its age the Joglo's are of course affected by the tooth of time (wear and tear), but are still in very good condition. They are all made from Teak wood, as such deterioration is a very slow process due to the natural resistance of teak wood to termites and weather conditions. We figure that another 50 years is well possible, provided regular maintenance is carried out, say every 3 to 4 years. 


Cyclone resistance
If you intend to buy a traditional old Joglo we need to alert you that such antique building cannot be built in a cyclone prone area, unless proper structural measures are taken. The structure of an antique Joglo is not strong enough and when it is hit by a typhoon or hurricane it will disintegrate. The solution woudl be to have us prepare a structural calculation as to beef up the unit or to order a replica which will be designed by us to full cyclone rating.    

Export ban in the making !!!!!!! 
Joglos have been particularly popular with international buyers. They are still comparatively cheap to acquire and build out, as opposed to permanent concrete structures. But prices for joglos have skyrocketed in recent years, whereas the Java government has also moved to limit or even ban the export of the structures. To this end new regulations are in the making. Prices are high, because many have already been bought and brought to Bali and due to this the Javanese are now not as willing to part with those joglos that are left. The market is without a doubt overheated and Joglo prices are changing every three months. In conclusion: It is now the time to buy an antique Joglo before a total ban comes into place.


Joglo-1 Joglo-2 Joglo-3
 Joglo-1 Joglo-2 Joglo-3


Joglo-4 Joglo-5 Joglo-6
 Joglo-4 Joglo-5 Joglo-6


Examples of Kerangka's

Joglo-7 Joglo-8 Joglo-9
 Kerangka-1 Kerangka-2 Kerangka-3


Joglo-10 Joglo-11 Joglo-12
 Kerangka-4 Kerangka-5 Kerangka-6

NOTE: All pictures shown above were copied from the free domain internet picture facility and only serve as an example.


NOTE: The sidings, doors and windows are not included, but can be supplied. Most of the old Joglo's did not have a wooden floor. They were built on stone foundations with a cement floor added. If you wish a wooden floor we can supply.

Joglo A1 Joglo B1  Joglo B2 
Joglo-A: 8.6 X 6 meter
Joglo-B: 8 x 10 meter
Joglo-B (interior)


 Joglo C 1  Joglo C 2 JOGLO D1 
 Joglo-C: 6 x 6 meter
Joglo-C: (interior) Joglo-D: 8.60 x 8 meter


Joglo E 1 Joglo B 2  Joglo E 2 
 Joglo-E: 11 x 9 meter (SOLD) Joglo-E (interior) (SOLD) Joglo-E (interior) (SOLD)


 Joglo F 1 Joglo G   Joglo G 1a
 Joglo F: 4 x 6 meter Joglo-G:  9 x 7 meter Joglo-G (interior)


 Joglo H a  Joglo I a  
 Joglo H: 4 x 5 meter Joglo I: 4.5 x 6.5 meter    


 Joglo J 1 Joglo J 2  Joglo J 3 
 Joglo J: 3.8 x 3.8 meter
Ideal for a small office 
Joglo-J: (interior) Joglo-J (interior)


 Joglo K 1 Joglo K 2 Joglo K 3 
 Joglo K: 9 x 9 meter Joglo-K: (interior) Joglo-K (interior)


Page + pictures last updated on June 11, 2020

 EXAMPLE OF HOW WE WORK OUT THE RE-ASSEMBLY DRAWINGS (below we show 3 drawings out of 11) 

Joglo front elevation  Joglo roof structure  Render Joglo C png
 General drawing
(front elevation)
Roof (rafters and purlins), each of them duly numbered Render of Joglo 


The price(s) that we will provide are based on "as is where is".

For building in Bali

We will dismantle, transport and re-assemble the unit at your end. Costs are included in the price of the Joglo .

For export 

The price for the Joglo include our services for dismantling and the preparation of the re-assembly drawings (see pictures above).  Without these re-assembly drawings it is virtually impossible to re-assemble. The assembly drawings are very detailed and easy to use, similar to the assembly manual for an IKEA © kit. The drawings are also required to obtain an export license (exempted from export tax) . The antique Joglo's use nails which we replace by screws. For building in cyclone areas we drill each and every roof tile as to enable the tiles to be screwed onto the roof battens. 


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Reviews from Bali Prefab World

"Of so many websites I had visited, yours is one of the best designed and focused. I am truly surprised at the amount of information regarding your company's expertise and experience that you willingly publicized online.

It's little wonder that copy cats are lining up, salivating to emulate your achievements. However they will never be able to muster the expertise in both structural and architecture knowledge that is endowed in the educational background.
Few also will be able to emulate your:
o  business integrity (which is extremely rare nowadays)
o  passion to experiment on what works best and continually incorporating them into your design and end products and
o  using the highest quality raw materials and their treatments thereof to ensure a defect free building that will withstand the     test of time.
Little wonder that your company is the foremost prefabricated wooden house company in Indonesia.
Keep up the great work and may I wish you the very best for years to come
Leong Yue Peng, Malaysia."

Review from: Mr. Leong Yue Peng, Malaysia
Project: Visiting web site 
Date: 16-07-2016
Rating: 5 out of 5.

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