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Our interactive price list is a unique tool developed by our engineers and not seen anywhere in Indonesia at any wooden prefab house supplier.  
With our Prefabworld Bali International interactive price list you have the possibility to review the prices of all of our 102 models in a nick of time for our 4 export qualities, with or without chosen upgrades, a price for the skeleton of the model only, shipping costs and many other options in just a few clicks. In average 5 to 10 minutes are sufficient to obtain a full price for a model based on your options and requirements, such as cyclone upgrade, stainless steel fixtures upgrade, full termite resistance upgrade, with or without roof decking, with or without kitchen, and more. We can't make it easier for you. The interactive price list is programmed in Excel and can calculates thousands of different prices (38,000 to be precise). If you need help with the filling in process you may download the user's manual via a link on the interactive price list.

By choosing your model number and your preferred options the program algorithm calculates prices in a split second such as:

 ♦ The total price of a chosen model based  on your input of options (type of materials, type of roof decking and more)
 ♦ The total price for any other model including options without the need to leave the program
 ♦ A price calculation for the whole unit or for the skeleton only, hence without flooring, sidings, doors, windows and roof decking.
 ♦ Possibility to change the options at random until you find a price that suits you.
 ♦ An automatic indication whether or not a model is suitable to be built in a cyclone area 
 ♦ The total price for any other model including options without the need to leave the program
 ♦ Cost options to upgrade a model to cyclone resistance 
 ♦ Cost options to include a kitchen  
 ♦ Cost options for all Hawaiian islands to include the compulsory roof insulation (County regulation). 
 ♦ Cost options to insulate the whole unit (roof + sidings) 
 ♦ Cost options to include costs for kiln drying (in some countries a mandatory regulation) 
 ♦ Cost option to upgrade to 100% termite resistance with Bangkirai heartwood 
 ♦ Cost option to upgrade from galvanized steel fixtures to stainless steel fixtures  
 ♦ Automatic calculation of the landing costs (unit + shipping costs) to your destination or a destination nearest to you 
 ♦ The number and type of containers required for the shipment 
 ♦ Shipment transfer time (from packing of the unit to arrival at your destination)  
 ♦ Filling rate of the containers. This will inform you whether you have extra space for other goods that can be stuffed 
 ♦ Cost calculation for local  building costs (Bali, Lombok, Lembongan, Gili islands) 
 ♦ Cost indication if you wish our crew to re-assemble the unit at your end 
 ♦ Calculation of total lead time from the moment of placing the order to the moment of completion 
 ♦ Volume discount if you order a number of identical units 
 ♦ Convert the price calculated for any material option to a full Coconut wood option 
 ♦ Reduce the price of the unit by coating (painting) the unit by yourself at your end with your own brand of coat and color  

With the interactive pricing tool you will be able to define the price you want to pay for a unit depending on the options chosen and your local circumstances. If you need help with the filling in you may download the user's manual via the interactive price list.

The interactive price list will work on any desktop or laptop computer with Windows Excel installed, however, the list will NOT work on a Mac an Apple an IPod or a Blackberry, unless you have installed an Excel add-on on your Mac or Apple, the list can be accessed and used as normal on these machines. 



So you wish you may download the example interactive price list to perform a full try-out. Be informed that THE PRICES SHOWN ON THIS EXAMPLE LIST NOT REFLECT THE ACTUAL MODEL PRICES. The example is only intended to be a tool as to experience how it works. Click on the picture for the download.  Note: Some browsers require that you enable the sheet by clicking "enable editing" in the top navigation bar of the Excel sheet.  

Prefab World Bali

Reviews from Prefab World Bali

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Prefabworld Bali International for its professionalism. Working with them on my San Andres project made it a breeze. They provided me with a design that was exactly what I had envisioned. Not only were the drawings perfect, they also produced them in a timely manner which is imperative when working on projects overseas. I highly recommend Prefabworld Bali International to colleagues always. I look forward to working with them on future projects".
Review from: Ms. Ghada Dergham, Florida, USA
Project: Design of three 2-storey units for a small resort on the island of San Andres , Caribbean
Date: 15-02-2013
Rating: 5 out of 5

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