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ojects in hand with Prefabworld Bali


KAILUA, HAWAII, our Sandat-3 model for Mrs.l Shauna Kahiapo

Notification: The drawings once enlarged are NOT to scale. Their purpose is for viewing only, as such screen prints are inaccurate regarding to scale.


Model SANDAT-3, Code B-11


 Sandat-3 floorplan  Sandat-3 front elevation  Sandat-3 right side elevation
 Floor plan  Front elevation  Right side elevation

 Sandat-3 left side elevation  Sandat-3 rear elevation  

 Left side elevation

 Rear elevation  

Total net. interior sided area: 50.6 m2 (545 sqft)
Deck area: 14.9 m2 (160 sqft)

Building footprint area: 7.19 x 10.70 meter (23' - 7 1/8" x 35' - 1 1/4")
Roof edge footprint area: 8.82 x 12.85 meter (28' - 11 3/8" x 42' - 2 1/8")

tea house 4 x 4 meter (13.1 x 13.1 ft) for Mrs. Alisa Ruby Bash 

March 06 2021 crop   May 07 2021 May 13 2021 1
  Under construction

 Teqa house nearing completion

Tea house complete and ready for shipment.Glass sliding doors opened and mosquito screen doors closed.    


INDONESIA, ISLAIND OF SUMBAWA for Appeal catering Australia, Mrs. Belnda Jones. Model type: Extended Syring (code A-11, 4 units), Mawar (code A-4 elevated, 1 unit), large gazebo + kitchen and toilet section, 1 unit 

The project includes prefabrication, foundations, electricity, plumbing, preparation of all masterplans, the Bill of Quantities and a detailed cost estimate. The project comrprises 5 guest house units, a large restaurant, swimming pool, a 2-storey villa for the owner, a 2-story accommodation house and a security office. The storm water system and the sewer system was also desgined by us, as well as the main electrical system and the electrical systems in all buildings. In addition Prefabworld Bali International executed a full scale soil investigation as to verify whether the subsoil was strong and stable enough to support the buildings. It appeared to be that a settlement of almost 3 cm could be expected. As such Prefabworld Bali International adapted a specilal foundation design to allow for the strctures to safely absorb these settlements.


;Syring floorplan extended  Syring side elevation extended Syring front elevation section extended 
Floor plan extended Syring

Side elevation extended Syring 

Front elevation and cross section extended Syring

 During prefabrication

;November 05 2020 2 November 15 2020 1  November 16 2020 2 
Progress Syring 1 phase1

Progress Syring 1Phase 2

Progress Syring 1 Phase 3


;November 18 2020 1 12 January 2021  IMB Master Plan final
Progress Syring 1 phase 4

Progress Syring 1 phase 5

 General masterplan of project


 Syring no 1 June 12 2022  1  23 8 2
Syring no. 1, June 12, 2022

Early July, 2022 

August 23, 2022 


 23 8 3  23 8 4 23 8 6 
August 23, 2022, entrance

August 23 , 2022, bathroom wall 

August 23, 2022, interior with cement board 


 10 January 2023  15 May 2023  
January 10, 2023

May 15, 2023


 Comment from the owner: "Awesome, you and your team are doing a fabulous job.....thank you so much 😊"  


Marwar elevated floorplan  Mawar elevated side Mawar elevated rear 
Floor plan elevated Mawar

Side elevation elevated Mawar 

Rear elevation elevated Mawar

Comment from the owner at completion of phase 1: "Thank you so very much to you and your team for your committed hard work….it’s been greatly appreciated. We look forward to our next phases" .


Gazebo floorplan rev 4 Gazebo floorplan rev 4   Gazebo cross section rev 4
Floor plan gazebo

Front elevation gazebo 

Cross section gazebo


SRI LANKAelevated mountain cabin 4 x 4 meter + a meditation room for a Buddhist monastery. 

 Jepung A 21 10 11
Main unit   Entrance to main unit Walkway

Meditation room

Plan for web Elevation for web   Section for web

 Plan view

Elevation  Cross section 
1 2   3

3-D impression-1 

3-D impression-2 3-D impression-3 


 VANUATU, FRENCH POLYNESIA,  Design of a 190 m2 Polynesian style villa, cyclone rated. Mrs Michele Hamilton, Australia

Floorplan Side elevation 1  Side elevation 2


 Side elevation 1 Side elevation 2 

 This unit has been designed to a level 5 cyclone. 

Side elevation 3 Side elevation 4  

 Side elevation 3

Side elevation 4   




Prefab World Bali

Reviews from Prefab World Bali

"Prefabworld Bali International is doing an excellent job of modeling the 3-D finite element frame structure in STAAD and now analyzing the individual members to ensure that they are not overstressed. I have just completed a review of the column analysis for the primary columns supporting the roof, and it is well presented and clearly shows the members are adequate size. I have not seen anything like this before the way this report was presented and prepared with the vast knowledge behind. This type of analysis would not have been possible by hand calculation because of the complexity of the structure. Job well done Prefabworld Bali International".
Review from: Professor Ian Robertson, University of Hawaii
Project: 400 m2 dwelling for Maui
Date: 12-06-2012.
Rating: 5 out of 5.

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