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The officially licensed name of our company is P.T. BALI WOODWORKS (*). The company is split inTO a number of specific working sections, all related to wood. In fact we are an architectural and engineering company + wooden prefab manufacturer in one. The division PREFABWORLD BALI INTERNATIONAL is the body which engages the architects, engineers and draftsmen and wood workers, exclusively dealing with all national and international projects assigned to P.T. Bali Woodworks for wooden prefab structures only, whereas P.T. Bali Woodworks has the overall end responsibility. P.T. stands for Limiited Liability. Unlike some other Indonesian wooden prefab house producers, P.T. Bali Woodworks is not an agent nor a liason, nor only advertises via its web site and subcontracts to other companies when an order has been secured (what some companies do in indonesia). P.T. Bali Woodworks is an independent and fully legalized company with an official Act of Association in place signed by the Minister of Justice in Jakarta.        

(*) This is the only fully legalized company holding this name in Indonesia. There are e a number of companies who have unlawfully taken the same name but these companies are not legalized. If you search for our company details you may end up on the wrong web site. To verify our legality, business details and original address <  P.T. BALI WOODWORKS >

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Our office is hidden in the beautiful hinterland of Bali far from the crowded roads, 20 kms South of Ubud. If you wish to visit us we strongly advise you to check our location and inform your driver (some taxi drivers have difficulties to find us). You may download the route description with the GPS coordinates here < our location >.


PREFABWORLD BALI INTERNATIONAL produces wooden prefab units, (villas, bungalows, 1 and 2-storey houses, hotels, bars, restaurants, - all of them either on land or over water -, gazebos and tree- and play houses), including the doors, windows, framings, trusses, etc., etc. all produced by our own team of staff and professional woodworkers. We also produce roof structures and decks. We never subcontract the fabrication of a unit or any part of it to any other company. In addition our company does not accept an order from one of its competitors that would like to subcontract to us. We are well able to complete turn-key projects (including all appliances, kitchens, bathrooms, cabinets, electricity, plumbing, potable- and waste water systems). 


PREFABWORLD BALI INTERNATIONAL is legalized to apply the Intellectual Property Law that includes intangible creations of the human intellect and includes copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets. Intellectual property became a common place in the majority of the world's legal systems.

The main purpose of Intellectual Property law is to give people and businesses their property rights to the information and intellectual goods they create. This gives economic incentive for their creations, because it allows people to benefit from the information and intellectual goods they create and allows them to protect their ideas and prevent copying. 

The intangible nature of intellectual property presents difficulties when compared with traditional property like land or goods. Unlike traditional property, intellectual property is "indivisible", since an unlimited number of people can "consume" an intellectual good without it being depleted.  A producer of information,  like us who  produces designs and physical structures, - many of them in-house developed  over the years -, can usually do very little to stop a buyer from replicating it and selling it to later clients. Based on this, our company adds a royalty fee for all of our creations to clients who buy a prefab structure from us, or orders a design. The royalty fees are included in our prefab selling prices and design fees.   


Our director is fluent in Indonesian, Dutch and English, both in reading, writing and speaking with a reading knowledge of French and Spanish. The German language is pretty well understood.  All of our quotations will be submitted in the English language. 


Our experience in timber prefabrication dates back to 1986 when our senior technical advisor started the design of long span wooden bridges and complicated space frame structures (3-D structures). In the year 2000 he joined the company bringing with him all his world-wide design and build experience (*) and became our senior technical advisor. A very special field is our vast knowledge of designing cyclone rated structures and our detailed knowledge of building over water. Paragraph 13 will explain why. We have proudly been announced the foremost wooden prefab house company in Indonesia, based on over 100 wooden prefab models designed and engineered by us to choose from including our vast technical world-wide experience dealing with cyclones, earthquakes and over water building.

Australia, Barbados, Brazil, British Virgin islands, Cape Verdian islands, Caribbean islands (Aruba, Bonaire, Curaçao, Grand Cayman, Guadeloupe, Sta. Lucia, St, Martin), China, Colombia (island of San Andres), Costa Rica, Greece, Honduras (island of Roatan), Hong Kong, India, Indonesia (**), Lebanon, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mauritius, Nigeria, Pacific islands (Cook islands, Fiji, New Caledonia, Tonga), Panama, Philippines, Qatar, Reunion, Santo Domingo, S. Africa, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Taiwan, The Netherlands, Thailand, USA (California, Hawaii (big island, Maui, Kauai), Puerto Rico, Solomon islands, US Virgin islands), Venezuela, Vietnam, Wales. 

(**) Bali, Bangka, Batam, Java, Kalimantan, Lombok, Sulawesi, Sumatra, The Moluccas (islands of Buru, Ceram, Halmaheira, Morotai, Taliabu and Ternate).      

Indonesia: island of Sumbawa, USA: Malibu California, French Polynesia: Vanuatu 


Along with our senior University graduated technical advisor (degrees in civil engineering, structural engineering, geotechnical engineering and coastal engineering), our architectural staff, and a staff of first class carpenters, most of them working for the company for over 20 years, we apply the latest state-of-the-art computer aided design and drafting applications, accustomed to the design of structures  for the world's cyclone and earthquake areas based on the IBC codes (The USA International Buildiing Code) and requirements. We experience an ever increasing sales portfolio and are able to design and build any home, bar, restaurant, hotel whether or not over water in any part of the world. Refer to the article link on our home page.


All of our wood is obtained from sustainable and Government monitored and strictly controlled felling concessions. We only use wood that is approved by the Government having an official felling certificate in place. 70% of our wooden house components are still handmade (!!!) by very skilled senior Balinese carpenters with a long history in woodworking. This is the reason that our product stands out and cannot be bought from the shelf or carry the obvious marks of mass machine production, - to the contrary -,  it needs time to be fabricated to perfection.


It is common practice in Indonesia that the smaller timber prefab building companies often hand out their projects to teams of workers roaming around the island seeking for work. These groups of workers only accept work on a lump sum basis. A company may assign them and takes the profit, whereas the workers do the job based on their knowledge, experience and workmanship, which may vary significantly from team to team. It would not be a surprise that such projects will be completed in the shortest time possible and be rushed so that the group of workers earn the most from the lump sum. It is thus obvious to understand that due to lack of proper quality control (workers rarely accept modifications demanded by the company as this will cost personal income), the quality may be at stake and many times at least "questionable".  Structural integrity is likely to be compromised based on material savings. Our company, on the other hand, pays its workers on a daily basis. The set back is that the South East Asian work mentality sets in whereas the production will take longer than expected. The workers "bide their time", after all they get paid on a daily basis so why should they hurry? The good thing, however, to this system is that our quality controller has very few comments to the quality and can steer and correct when and where necessary. All things being equal, in the event that a client has ample time for the completion of his project with a guaranteed high end quality we may be the right company to work with, or as we say; "There is no substitute for excellence and reliability".


We are architects, engineers and manufacturers (*). We are not consultants, which implies that we will not respond to questions such as "How many units can I put on my property", or "Do you have any recommendation to our exsisting site plans", or "Will there be an environmental impact when we build these houses" or "How to deal with pollution", or "We want to build this, this and this., Do you have any advice to improve our ideas", "Can you help us with the set up of a budget", etc, etc. We will  also not take off materials from your design drawings as to prepare a quotation. Your architect needs to submit a full detailed material list (Bill of Quantities). However, we are well able and have the capacity to advice on, and design master plans and designs to your wishes. This will be done against a certain (refundable) design fee. 

(*)  We do not supply single or separate items such as doors, windows, thatch, wooden boards, glass, paint, fixing materials, etc.     


In the event that you do not have the intention to order a wooden prefab structure from us but only need architectural or engineering services we will be well able and capable to help, support and advise whether this is for civil, structural, geotechnical (foundations) or over water building technique. We apply our AutoCAD program for the architectural part and our STAAD Pro vi8 finite element structural engineering program for our structural analyses.       

PREFABWORLD BALI ONTERNATIONAl provides services and support all phases of a project – from study, planning and design to preparation of plans and specifications, construction observation and contract administration. We make an on-going effort to maintain awareness and understanding of the latest technological trends and concepts so that each client’s needs can be given competent and professional consideration. 

The PREFABWORLD BALI INTERNATIONAL architectural and engineering team is a multidisciplinary team of experts (from Universities and Schools of advanced technology), ready to take on turnkey projects of any size, but thriving on the challenges brought by large-scale projects and programs. After more than 20 years in business and many projects delivered world-wide, PREFABWORLD BALI INTERNATIONAL has built a solid track record as a trustworthy architectural,- and engineering services provider to many clients. Our testimony page may prove this.


Wooden structures are normally subject to significant shrinkage and expansion caused by temperature and hunidity changes, which are far higher than those experienced for prefabricated concrete structures and prefabricated steel structures. The shrinkages and expansions in prefabricated wood structures may have a significant impact on the connections, whether this is done with bolts or screws. These constant shrinkages and expansions will  cause "slackening" of the connections, whereas unexpected and dangerous connection instabilities will occur, which may induce a sudden disintegration of the structure. Modern engineering techniques have been developed and codes been issued over the last decade which take such "slackening" phenomena into account. The codes provide formulae and design advice to cope with these aspects, arriving at safe connections which will remain safe over time. Our engineers are very well familiar with these codes and will properly apply them. 


An effective and environmental friendly anti-termite protection as has been developed by our company over the years.

All of our Premium and Superior build houses will be protected against termite attacks based on a secretly developed method applied by our company, known by our company only. This application will be used for all wood parts in contact with or in close contact with natural grade (the termite's attacking habitat). This is our standard method whether or not in combination with termite resistant wood and/or the use of termite barriers. The treatment is also extremely efficient on the drywood termite, Formosa termite, powder post beetle, woodworm and parasites. Though the system will only be appplied to our Premium and Superior build options, we can also apply the same method to our upgraded standard build units against a variation order. 

We have a proper and effective solution for our clients in the Northern territory of Australia where the dangerous and devastating Mastotermes flourishes.              


We are the only wooden prefab house company in Indonesia issuing a Warranty Certificate on its products.


We are proud to have our senior engineer in our mids. He is a graduated university engineer with a cum laude degree in civil engineering. After his graduation he passed a number of post doctoral exams and graduated in structural engineering, geotechnical engineering (foundations) and coastal engineering. He is an expert in dealing with structural issues pertaining to cyclones and with his 50 years of international experience under his belt he is a highly skilled person. Between 1987 and 1998 he attended a number colloquiums and was regularly invited as a speaker at Universities and congresses. He also published a number of articles in Port and Harbour Authorities about his design of Bontang LNG/LPG in Indonesia (*). He developed a new formula for energy dissipation of the largest LNG vessels in the world when docking, a formula which is now adapted word-wide. He is a specialist in designing structures over water. In addition he advised the American Wood Council of a severe error in one of their formulae in the NDS codes and advised the same institute on a special calculation method developed by him as to save a lot of time for a structural engineer analyzing wood connections. The formula was modified and his advice was adapted by the  AWC.  Feel free to e-mail him (at the bottom of this page) should you have any pertinent question pertaining to his field of competence.

(*) For a quick look at some pictures of the LNG/LPG jetty at Bontang which he desgned click <here>


You may also hire our senior engineer and advisor as your consultant at your end. You need to allocate a certain professional fee + first class traveling if he would be coming to your place. There are no refunds or guarantees. All consulting fees, travel,- and board and lodging costs shall be paid upfront. 


For customers wanting to build their house in Hawaii, many may require the services of registered architect and structural engineer. These professionals can assist owners in meeting the requirements of the city or county building department having jurisdiction over the project site. Their services may include review of our drawings, structural calculation reviews, foundation design reviews, lateral load resistant design assessment and preparation of plans for building permit approval. In such cases we have a solid working relationship with 2 professors from the University of Hawaii at Manoa for backing-up services. We would be happy to offer a referral to customers seeking such services.
In December 2013 our company received word from the county of Maui that our "Celeng Bali" model (522 m2 or 5,620 sqft) had been approved and a building license issued to our client. Working on the largest model from our web site for over a year complying to the USA codes and regulations was a true challenge. This is what Professor Robertson from the University of Hawaii at Manoa had to say (Professor Robertson scrutinized our structrual calculations). Click <here>.
Structures erected in Australia require a structural certificate. Regardless whether it is designed by an architect or home owner a structural certificate must be obtained from a registered structural engineer. This forms part of the Building Permit application. Our company's professional structural engineering is deemed to comply with the Australian building regulations.
We recommend, however, prior to purchase one of our units to consult building certifiers in your local area to address specific requirements of the proposed building site and local building regulations.

Feel free to contact us should you have any question or should you require some clarifications and/or explanations. You may also contact our senior engineer in the event that you have a special technical question. He would be happy to respond. Use our contact form and state your question in the message box. 

Contact our senior design engineer 

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Prefab World Bali

Reviews from Prefab World Bali

On November 7, 2013 typhoon Haiyan, known as typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines, was the second deadliest on record that hit the archipelago killing over 4,000 peoiple which we deeply regret. The system's one-minute sustained winds reached to 315 km/h (196 mph), unofficially making Haiyan the 4th most intense tropical cyclone ever observed and made it the strongest tropical cyclone to make landfall on record. Our engineering department designs our units in cyclone areas to cyclone rating and have added a 10% additional wind force to the general cyclone design codes to cope with global warming, introducing stronger cyclones in the future. Our unit A-2 sustained typhoon Haiyan and survived. This is what the owner wrote us:
"There were minor damages and the roof remained fully in tact. Your clients should know though that this house was properly designed and built with typhoons in mind. Good job Prefabworld Bali International".
Review from: Ron Catto, Philippines
Project: 50 m2 unit
Date: 21-11-2013
Rating: 5 out of 5.

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