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Structural calculations prepared for Prefabworld Bali's Prefab Bali houses


Our structural calculations are prepared with STAAD PRO v8i, a state-of-the-art finite element computer program, fully recognized an accepted by all Counties in the USA and many building authorities world-wide. The structural reports that we submit are based on the results of the computer calculation and include the analyses for maximum allowable deflections, displacements, forces and stresses in accordance with ASCE, ACI, AASHTO, AITC or any other USA code. Our reports are very detailed and are normally approved by the building authorities without a hick.

The calculations for our wooden house structures may be extended with a calculation for the foundation.

The costs for the preparation of a structural calculation is not included in the price for the house, since any client may engage a local engineer. We would be happy to submit a quotation for the structural design.


The Counties in the USA now require that not only detailed drawings shall be submitted but that also a structural calculation shall accomplish the set of documents as to apply for a building license of a dwelling of any size which has been prefabricated outside the USA. While some Counties on the main land may be lenient as to the requirement of such structural calculation, all Hawaiian Counties strictly adhere to this regulation. Our company is able to produce the calculation in compliance with the latest USA codes (IBC 2018) including the amendments which may differ from County to County. Our wood connections will all be analyzed and calculated applying the NDS 2015 (National Design Specification for wood construction).

For customers wanting to build their house in Hawaii, many may require the services of registered architect and structural engineer. These professionals can assist owners in meeting the requirements of the city or county building department having jurisdiction over the project site. Their services may include review of our drawings, structural calculation reviews, foundation design reviews, lateral load resistant design assessment and preparation of plans for building permit approval. In such cases we work together with David Rockwood, Architect and Associate Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa, and Professional Engineer and Professor Ian Robertson, University of Hawaii at Manoa. We would be happy to offer a referral to customers seeking such services. Both persons will also advise us for any other area in the USA (mainland and other islands).


Structures erected in Australia require a structural certificate. Regardless whether it is designed by an architect or home owner a structural certificate must be obtained from a registered structural engineer. This forms part of the Building Permit application. Our company's professional structural engineering is deemed to comply with the Australian building regulations.
We recommend however prior to purchase one of our units to consult building certifiers in your local area to address specific requirements of the proposed building site and local building regulations.
Our Australian representative is a qualified building professional from Darwin and happy to provide initial free advice in regards to the building permit process. We would be happy to bring you in contact with this person.  


A new and upcoming trend is that also the Caribbean and Pacific islands will require a structural calculation for a wooden prefab house. This is mainly based on the effect of global warming, whereas hurricanes and typhoons will occur more frequently in the coming decennium and will strike with much higher wind forces.


We strongly advise you to contact your local Building Authority as to find out whether an imported wooden prefab house shall comply with the local building codes and requirements and/or comply with special import regulations. If such is indeed the case you may need to ask the following questions:

1. Would it be acceptable if the wooden prefab house complies with the IBC 2009 (USA International Building Code 2018). If the answer is affirmative we will be able to supply, however, if the answer is negative whereas the house shall comply with the local building codes we may not be able to supply unless you will engage a local engineer to cooperate with us.

2. Are there restrictions to the use of particular hardwoods originated from Indonesia. If the answer is yes you need to find out which wood species are prohibited.

3. Shall the wood be FSC Certified? The answer is NO. However the wood needs to comply with the V-legal system. This V-legal system is an Indonesian legal document fully adopted by the FSC. Complying with the V-legal system will allow you  to import any wooden house from Indonesia, since not one supplier in Indonesia has an FSC Certificate in place with a chain of custody to the first supplier; the felling concession.
Read more about trhe V-legal system < here >


Example of part of a STAAD PRO v8i computer analysis

struct1  struct2 

You may view a couple of pages of one of our structural calculations in real time. Click View Calculation Example

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