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Design and build services for wooden prefab houses 

The latest trend in owning a house by foreigners in Bali, Lombok, Lembongan, the Gili islands or any other island in Indonesia (either for vacation, - time sharing -, or to live in) is building a house on the land-to-use by the foreigner.  Though the house is legally owned by the foreigner, the land is not and can only be leased for a certain period of time, normally maximum 25 to 30 years, with a possibuily to extend (read the <regulations of "owning" land> in Indonesia by a foreigner). 

We will of course also be able to design and/or build a house for Indonesian citizens who wish to buy land in Bali or other islands and build a house on it.  View <example> (The house is available for viewing). We grant a 5% discount on our price list prices if we do not have to pre-assemble a wooden house on our yard first but be allowed to directly build it on the clienl's land (for Bali only). Be informed that we only build following our export quality standard.        

Prefabworld Bali International would be happy to design and build this house for you directly on the leased land, either in the traditional way (bricks and concrete), in hardwood or a combination thereof (*). We will obtain the building licenses for you (locally called "IMB", or Izin Mendirikan Bangunan). So you wish we may open a tender and invite local contractors to bid on our design drawings. We will evaluate the bids and prepare a report for the client based on our evaluation technique as to propose the best and most responsive bidder. During the building process we may supervise the works for you so that the contractor shall comply with the bid documents, the drawings and the technical specifications. Our 40+ years of international building experience will help you to get exactly what you pay for.  We grant a 5% discount on all of our models in the event that you wll allow us to build the house directly on your land without having the unit pre-assembled on our yard.  

If you wish a design for a home in a country other than Indonesia we advise you to log on to <international architectural services>.    

(*) We can include complete kitchens and bathrooms, electricity, plumbing, waste water systems (septic tank), foundations, landscaping, etc.


 Picture compilation Bali villa

450 m2 villa in Sedang  (available for viewing)


Canggu p1
Canggu p4

Roof structure for a villa in Canggu (available for viewing)  



Small lumbung in Canggu (cannot be viewed. Privacy reasons) 


Yoga space Singaraja

Yoga unit in Tejakula (North Bali), availabe for viewing


Party deck p5

Small restaurant South of Ubud) available for viewing


Joglo 23 front view small 

Joglo 23 interior 1 small

2 Lumbungs in Jimbaran (available for viewing)



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Reviews from Prefab World Bali

"Dear Prefabworld Bali International. Our container arrived a few weeks ago and we have meanwhile re-assembled the structure without any problem. All parts fitted perfectly. The instructions on the re-assembly manual with the 3-D sketches were amazingly precise. The wood is beautiful and everybody loves the fantastic carvings. No cracks no warping anywhere to be seen. The next project will be yours".
Review from: Gary Peton, Maui, Hawaii
Project: Veranda + round access steps and 3-D carved railing system for Maui, Hawaii ,
Date: 28-06-2010.
Rating: 4,5 out of 5.

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