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NOTE: Shipping costs can only be given if we know which model(s) have been chosen, since the shipping costs largely depend on the volume of the unit(s), which differ for each model.  

If you wish us to ship the goods our company will engage a cargo forwarder we are familiar with and has already shipped many of our units. This cargo forwarder knows how we want to have your precious goods packed and stuffed. However, if you wish to engage a cargo forwarder by yourself feel free to search the internet with the key phrase "Bali cargo forwarders". You will find a list of over 100 companies. Take your pick.  We will not work with a few cargo forwarders who had some negative issues in the past when assigned by the client to work with us. You may contact us for the names of these cargo forwarders we will not work or cooperate with.   

If you would like to involve our company and have us arranged your shipment we will coordinate and actually supervise the packing and stuffing of the container. The cargo forwarder will have to sign a document showing proof and evidence that all items were collected and properly packed following our instructions and protocol. A copy of this document will be e-mailed to the client. We will also monitor the stuffing of the container so that parts first needed are stuffed at the back of the container. To cover our costs we will add a percentage of 10% of the estimated cost for the ocean freight (hence not over the total of the shipping cost).


The container stuffing volume can roughly be estimated by applying our arbitrary formula: Total of floor area(s) (m2) of the unit x 0.95 metric tons/m2 which equals the approximate stuffing volume. For the payload: Total of the floor area(s) (m2) x 0.6 metric tons/m2 which equals the estimated payload. The payload for a 20 ft container shall not exceed 25 metric tons (*). The payload for a 40 ft container shall not exceed 27,6 metric tons.(*).

(*) This may vary from country to country     


If you wish to know the import duties you need to pay, you may read this:

International transactions are now much easier with the use the Harmonized System Code, or HS Code. The HS Code is applied globally. The Harmonized System or usually referred to as HS is a list of goods classification list made systematically for the purpose of facilitating import tariffs, trading transactions, transport and statistics. Currently, the classification of goods in Indonesia is based on the Harmonized System and is applied in a list of tariff called Indonesia Customs Tariff Book.

In order to be informed what the applicable import duty (in %) will be for a wooden prefab houses at the country of destination, one needs to contact the appropriate authority which can be the Ministry of Forestry, the Ministry of Agriculture, the Ministry of Economic Affairs or Customs.

The general HS code for wooden houses is HS 4407****. The **** stands for the code which may be required to indicate the type of wood. The HS code for hardwood differs, based on the type of wood species. The HS code for core board is 4412 ****. The HS code for the steel connectors (anchors, steel base plates) is 8302. 

The exact code can only be provided by the cargo forwarder, however, the above mentioned codes may help you in obtaining some information from the authorities about import duties.

In average import duties for wooden prefab houses will be in the range of 15% to 25% split into a VAT part and an import duty part. A wooden prefab house is exempted from export tax.



The Government of Indonesia has recently imposed a new export regulation for manufacturers of wooden houses and gazebos stating that all companies producing such products shall have a valid production/operation license in place. This license number shall be added to a form which regulates and approves the endorsement of the shipment. If such number is not available the shipment will not leave. Our company is in possession of such license.

In addition a new legal export system for timber became compulsory in January 2013, called the V-legal system, which in broad lines has been developed in response to increasingly rigorous anti-illegal timber legislation in key markets. <read more> (recommended). In addition it is not longer allowed to partly pre-assemble a unit (as to save time) but shall be pre-erected in full scale at the manufacturer's yard in accordance with the drawings, to be verified by a company acting on behalf of the Government. This new regulation will have effect on the supply (lead) time and costs.

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