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Models Viola and Anthurium

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Model VIOLA, Code B-4


 Viola floorplan  Viola front elevation  Viola right side elevation
Floor plan Front elevation

Right side elevation

 Viola left side elevation  Viola rear elevation  
 Left side elevation  Rear elevation  

Total net. interior sided area: 218.5 m2 (2,352 sqft)
Deck area: 132.1 m2 (1,423 sqft)

Building footprint area: 17,50 x 32.80 meter (57' - 3 3/8" x 78' - 1 1/8") 
Roof edge footprint area: 18.35 x 24.82 meter (60' - 2 9/16" x 81' - 5")

 Compilation A-16


Model ANTHURIUM-2, Code B-13


 Anthurium floorplan-2  Anthurium front elevation  Anthurium right side elevation
 Floor plan  Front elevation  Right side elevation

 Anthurium left side elevation  Anthurium rear elevation  

 Left side elevation

 Rear elevation  

Total net. interior sided area: 159.7 m2 (1,720 sqft)
Deck area: 76 m2 (721 sqft)

Building footprint area: 13.87 x 20.40 meter (44' - 10 7/8" x 66' - 11 1/8")
Roof edge footprint area: 13.93 x 21.78 meter (45' - 8 5/8" x 71' - 5 1/2")



Model,  Code


 Floor plan  Front elevation  Right side elevation


 Left side elevation

 Rear elevation  


Prefab World Bali

Reviews from Prefab World Bali

Prefabworld Bali International is doing an excellent job of modeling the 3-D finite element frame structure in STAAD and now analyzing the individual members to ensure that they are not overstressed. I have just completed a review of the column analysis for the primary columns supporting the roof, and it is well presented and clearly shows the members are of adequate size. I have not seen anything like this the before the way this report was presented and prepared with the vast knowledge behind. It was that excellent. This type of analysis would not have been possible by hand calculation because of the complexity of the structures. Excellent job by Prefabworld Bali International.
Review from: Professor Ian Robertson, University of Hawaii
Project: 400 m2 dwelling for Maui, 50 m2 and 110 m2 dwelling for the big island. 
Date: 2012. 2016, 2020, respectivelyy
Rating: 5 out of 5.
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